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Limited edition "smushed green" vinyl (limited to 100 copies) or "transparent green" vinyl (limited to 200 copies) sleeved in “handcrafted" LP covers reclaimed from the dumpster. Each copy is unique. An MP3 download card of the LP is included. This is true hardcore punk from the gutters of Asheville, NC! Includes a raging cover of Jerry Reed's classic, "East Bound and Down," from the movie Smokey and the Bandit!

This comes in a recycled DIY sleeve in the form of an old Neil Diamond LP sleeve with the band name scrawled in marker on the front and a torn piece of paper roughly hewn to the back with the track listing. The inner sleeve has some punk as fuck art and lyrics. The vinyl is splatter, but what about the music? Well it’s hardcore punk, no messing, no fuss, just pure impact, with chesty vocals, searing guitar, thundering bass and oompah hardcore drumming. The songs seem to be primarily about booze and tales of various other self-destructive acts. Fans of everything from PTL Klub to Personality Crisis to Stretch Marks and Poison Idea, will enjoy this. You can always cover up the crap sleeve with the insert. - ARTCORE (Issue #30)

This reminds me of some of the first early ‘80s punk hardcore I heard. Simple, to the point, ugly and somewhat dumb, but that’s not meant as a knock. The song titles even give you a clue, “Smoking Coffee, Drinking Cigarettes,” “Money Shot,” “I Love Your Guns,” and “Drink Deep” just to name a couple. And lyrics like “Drink…don’t think. Let’s get drunk tonight, fuck work.” The track those come from is pretty much a BLACK FLAG knock-off. Each LP comes in some other band’s sleeve that mostly look like they were found in a dumpster or at Goodwill. My review copy is in a MICHAEL BOLTON sleeve. And the band name and album title are scrawled in sharpie on it. The lyrics are printed on a white record sleeve but the vinyl itself is a pretty combination of clear with green see-through swirls. - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL (Issue #351)

Pressing Information

1st pressing: 200 copies on green vinyl. 100 copies on "smushed" green on clear vinyl.