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BLOOD RED BABY BLUE "The Colors of Chaos" LP NPR#2

This is Alabama's BLOOD RED BABY BLUE 12-song 2011 debut LP "The Colors of Chaos" on split-colored vinyl. Half of the record is "blood red" and half is "baby blue." This is a limited edition pressing of 350, and there are very few copies left. Also included...

· An MP3 download of the LP
· An MP3 download of a complete live show (recorded at The Get Down in Asheville, NC on 11/13/10)
· A patch, sticker & mini-poster

This debut out of Alabama combines shock rock, goth and good ol' fashioned punk. If you didn't know they were into BDSM by lookin' at 'em, the name of the lead singer oughtta tip you off: Miss Stress Tamantha. Like The Genitorturers, BRBB bring elements of performance art to their shows where they've been known to flog members of the audience. Part 45 Grave, part Naked Raygun, their awesome guitar work and galloping drums left me bouncing and bobbing. Worth a listen just for the high energy and quality tunes; plus, the colored vinyl is sick: half blood red and half baby blue. Definitely recommended for those who desire a little more punishment in their lives. - RAZORCAKE

Female-led punk three piece from Huntsville, Alabama. The two guys look like anarcho types, and the lady more goth. The result is crunchy punk rock with a tuneful female describing all manner of filth. the cover art might put you off, as this looks like a Marilyn Mason records, but the split red/blue coloured vinyl, sticker, patch and download code might tempt you after reading the cover sticker explaining that this dominatrix shock punk influenced by The Plasmatics, Joan Jett and 45 Grave. - ARTCORE

Digital download of this album available on our BANDCAMP page.

Pressing Information

1st pressing: 350 copies on split-colored vinyl 1/2 "blood red" and 1/2 "baby blue"